Reordenación del Litoral de las Palmas de Gran Canaria SP

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2009. Internationaler Ideenwettbewerb, 2. Phase

Carola Antón in Zusammenarbeit mit Negrín Architekt, Spanien.

The challenge of planning and designing the 42km coastline of the canarian capital, starts by questioning the specific qualities and potential of the site. One aim and 2 strategies structure the project.

The aim is to improve the permeability land-water, and the qualification of the coast using the land already gained to the sea.

Understanding economy in investment, maintenance, and ecology as one, the strategies “lapa” (limpet) and “alga” (seaweed) take the name of the fauna and flora of the seascape, and embody the character of the intervention.

The “lapa” is the adhesion of constructions adapted to the border conditions, from a piece of “furniture” to waves which unfold towards the water. The “alga” is the recuperation of the green structures of the coastline. A green laboratory is extended along the coast, crossed by the Gulles. The sequence of vegetation vary from the native landscape, productive landscape and exporting landscape.